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          Blue Paper on the Development of Machine Tool Industry in China (2018)

          2019-09-06 14:29:20 admin 897

          On June 27, 2018, the Blue Book on the Development of China Machine Tool Industry (2018) was jointly released at the 14th China International Machine Tool Exhibition in Beijing.

          Blue Book on the Development of Machine Tool Industry in China (2018) has been deeply studied from seven aspects: the development situation of machine tool industry at home and abroad, the development trend of technology, the in-depth integration of machine tools and new technologies, the needs of users in key areas, the policy environment of major countries, the questionnaire analysis of machine tool enterprises and users, and the case study of typical enterprises. It is of great significance for China's machine tool industry to grasp the new opportunities for development, promote industrial upgrading and revitalize the real economy by analyzing and drawing lessons from the advanced international experience, grasping the new demands and trends of industrial development, forecasting the demand of the user market, and tapping the new demand and momentum of machine tool consumption.


          The announcement ceremony was presided over by Li Jian, editor-in-chief of MFC sheet metal forming. Liang Feng, President of China Machine Tool Corporation, and Shiyong, Vice Dean of Machine Industry Information Research Institute, delivered speeches.  


          President Liang Feng mentioned in his speech that machine tools, as working mothers, have the same importance to the national economy and people's livelihood. The development level of machine tools has a direct impact on a country's industrial development level. China's machine tool industry has developed into a mature industry with large scale, complete system, strong competitiveness, ability to basically meet domestic needs and to participate in international competition. However, there are still shortcomings. We need to strive to catch up with the advanced level, and our people need to continue to work hard.


          He pointed out that intelligent machine tools have become a key breakthrough in the development of intelligent manufacturing and the focus of competition among developed industrial countries. The industry also needs a macro-programmatic document to guide the development of the industry, which is also the reason for compiling the Blue Book.  

          Vice President Shi Yong elaborated on the importance of the machine tool industry. He mentioned that industry experts and our questionnaires on manufacturing enterprises and users showed that everyone was optimistic about the development of the global machine tool industry.


          Nowadays, China's machine tool industry has a huge market, but due to its short history and limited conditions, compared with the international powers, China's machine tool industry is still in the stage of catching up with the world's advanced level. In extensive development, insufficient innovation capability is still the main problem.


          Blue Book shows that the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are the most active areas in machine tool consumption, and private enterprises are the main force in machine tool consumption and production. Customers are most concerned about the quality and performance of machine tools. The demand for differentiation and customization is becoming stronger and stronger. Direct selling from manufacturers is still the main purchasing channel for users. Domestic machine tools are still the mainstay of market consumption. Machine tool manufacturing enterprises and new technology integration will continue to improve.


          He hoped that by publishing the blue book, he could faithfully record the development of China's machine tool industry in this great era of change, study the new laws of the development of machine tool industry in the new era, grasp the new needs and trends of industrial development, tap the new kinetic energy of machine tools, and promote the healthy development of the industry.


          Group photo of representative of machine tool enterprise


          Source: CIMES