Chris Moore | musician, songwriter


Gary Langol
Adam Gold
multi-instrumentalist, likely to be found playing double bass live w/the sons, his recording duties include: piano, guitar, organ, pedal steel. He's also an arranger and co-songwriter player for Ro Agents, also plays live and records with Dina Dean, Pete Galub & the Annuals, and Audio Drinking Companion ...shy and handsome, he often underestimates his talents.
plays drums w/the sons but sneaks out now and again to play vibes and keyboard nuance. for recordings, he sings harmony, and pounds and taps a multitude of percussive colors. Other projects include the progressive rock/jazz outfit, Gutbucket, post-punk-power-pop's, Exotic Profiles, and records and plays live with Vitamin-D, an ensemble headed by another son, Dennis Cronin. Gold also manages, produces, engineers artists out of "the bunker."

Tom Gavin
Dennis Cronin
guitarist, lap steel, banjo, mandolin, noise, and sings solid harmony. Gavin's got a healthy 'solo' life too, 5 cd's in the can, diverse, eclectic, agitated and meditative rock and roll. he's also busy with these folks: Erin O'Hara, irish/americana songwriter, the two collaborated on music for Michael Moore's "Sicko." avant theater composer, Amy Kohn and Pete Galub's Annuals, other recorded and live work includes: Dina Dean, Ro Agents, and Lee Feldman.
mostly plays trumpet & vibraphonette w/the sons. hops over to drums, too. he additionally records with the accordion and percussion. he has studied jazz with ellis marsalis and has recorded and performed with yo la tengo, lambchop, vic chesnutt, camera obscura, josh rouse and local favorites the quavers.  he also heads Vitamin-D, an eclectic music ensemble that combines smooth, soulful grooves with indelible, hook-filled melodies. 

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